Most hotels offer a level of quality and comfort to their guests that make them feel right at home. Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work, everyone agrees that it’s an incomparably great feeling to just be able to collapse into a hotel bed and get that good night’s sleep needed to recharge your batteries. But hotels have other features that remind guests of the quality of their home, too. A nice, warm shower, reliable internet access, television screens… and laundry services all come together to form a temporary home away from home.

If any of these services or amenities suddenly stop functioning, the quality of the guest’s stay can turn south quickly. After all, the guest booked his or her hotel room with the understanding that these amenities would be at their disposal, and being deprived of them can feel like a classic bait and switch. That is, among other things, bad for business.

RYA makes sure that the laundry services component of the amenities package will never be out for more than 24 hours at once. Things do break- that’s just a fact of life- but when they do, it’s imperative to get them either fixed or replaced as quickly as possible. With our team of experienced, talented, and motivated electromechanics engineers, “as quickly as possible” means that within 24 hours or less of a washing machine or dryer breaking, that piece of equipment will be back in action as if nothing ever happened.

How can we help you?

Is your hotel in need of new laundry service equipment? Don’t wait any longer- call our team at RYA today, and we’ll get your equipment back to you in 24 hours or less- good as new!

Facilities we Serve

On top of working with hotels, we also work with government facilities and medical buildings in the Charleston area and the Lowcountry. To learn more, please visit our Medical and Government pages.


The quality of a patient’s stay in a hospital, or a resident’s stay at a nursing home, is dependent on being able to wash and dry their clothes as often as is necessary. Our talented team of electromechanics engineers will completely fix your laundry service equipment, good as new- and have it back in your hands within 24 hours.


RYA works with government-owned facilities such as military bases, schools, and department of transportation buildings, making sure that any issues with their laundry service equipment will always be fixed within 24 hours.

Our 24 Hour Guarantee

We understand that the quality of stay for guests, residents, or patients is dependent on the quality of the amenities the facility offers. If a washing machine or dryer is inoperable for an extended amount of time, the quality of stay is negatively impacted, and that’s bad for business. At RYA, we don’t let that happen. That’s why we guarantee a complete repair (or a new machine) within 24 hours or less, so that your guests, residents, or patients will never go more than a day without being able to properly wash their clothes.

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Do you work for a hotel, government-owned building, nursing home, or hospital? Is your hotel, government-owned building, nursing home, or hospital in need of immediate repairs on your laundry equipment? You’ve found the perfect group of people to fix it. Our team of experts at RYA will fix it for you within 24 hours, guaranteed. Let’s start the process of getting your equipment fixed right now!