About RYA

Trained and Trusted Professionals

The business of fixing laundry equipment is a unique and often complicated one. To be trusted to repair defective washing machines or dryers is no small feat- it’s a process that only a very select few are qualified to do. At RYA, we are proud to employ some of those very select few who carry a targeted motivation to see our clients thrive.

Years of extensive training are required to work in the business of repairing laundry equipment, and there’s no real school or training course for it. Instead, we carefully handpick the individuals we believe are best suited to handle the task, put them through a rigorous training course that spans three years and ensures that they become experts at what they do. There’s no substitute for training that covers every nook and cranny of the potential job responsibilities, and when we place an employee of ours on the task to repair a defective washing machine or dryer, the owner of that equipment can rest easy knowing that his or her machine is in the hands of somebody who has dedicated years of specific training to fixing that machine.

Our team of Service & Installation Technicians features some of the most hard-working and motivated individuals you’ll find in any professional industry. That’s why we are able to guarantee 24 hour response, and your defective laundry equipment returned good as new.

Who We Work With

The broad description of our client list can be defined as any company or business that hosts laundry service equipment for tenants, guests, residents, or clients. To be more specific, we work with hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes in Charleston and the Lowcountry, ensuring that their washing machines and dryers are always in tip-top shape for those who are staying in their facilities. If you happen to work for such a facility that is in need of such services, give us a call today!

Our 24 Hour reponse Guarantee

For a facility that provides people with a place to sleep for an extended period of time to not have functioning laundry service equipment would be disastrous. At RYA, we recognize the importance of always having functioning washing machines and dryers. That’s why we guarantee you that every time we work on repairing a broken machine, we’ll fix it up and get it back to you as fast as possible. Our team of experts consists of some of the most knowledgeable, motivated, and talented Service & Installation Technicians in the world, and that’s why we’re able to make this guarantee with such confidence.

Contact Us

Do you work for a hotel, nursing home, military base, or hospital? Is your hotel, nursing home, military base, or hospital in need of immediate repairs on your laundry equipment? You’ve found the perfect group of people to fix it. Our team of experts at RYA will fix it for you as quickly as possible, guaranteed. Let’s start the process of getting your equipment fixed right now! Contact us today!